on top – towards a productive and livable roofscape

In an era where real estate pressure is pushing out light manufacturing throughout the borough of Brooklyn, “On Top” aims at creating an affordable living space without squandering future opportunities of productive Brooklyn. instead of reconverting former industrial buildings into expensive loft-style residences and leaving less and less opportunities for developing Brooklyn industries, exploiting rooftop spaces could be the answer to a more diverse and thus resilient model.

While Brooklyn’s roofscape is underutilized, a shift from the horizontal and monofunctional land use toward a vertical and multifunctional approach seems to be a valid strategy. Relying on the well known air right swaps “on top” reorganizes the existing roofscape, tranfsorming it into an active and integral part of the productive city. Building owners benefit from rent increase, while offering small low- rent units right where the low skilled job market is. A new kind of living growing on top of Brooklyn industries creating a walk (down) to work community.

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