Space+ is a multifunctional wall object that wants you to interact with your own living space. It is based on 1 room apartments, like a small studio or a big loft, where it is difficult to create and divide space.

In closed position, space+ reflects and enlarges your living space. Also space+ changes your perception on the room when watched from different angles.

In open position, folded out, space+ easily creates a small workspace with writing table and pinboard. Beside, it functions as room divider, with acoustic quality, between sleeping, living or working areas.

Space+ is made out of 2 materials only, brass and felt. Both sheets of material use the same folding technique. Japanese origami craft provides flexibility when folding in space+. Bending the thin sheet of brass makes the desktop/mirror stiff. Soft and warm Felt contrasts with smooth and reflective brass. The use of brass bolts instead of glue makes it possible to disassemble and recycle space+.

ThomasMore2014©Isabel Rottiers09

images above by Isabel Rottiers

3. Space+ open front_Reinaart Vandersloten

5. Space+ Context NL_Reinaart Vandersloten

space+ Reinaart Vandersloten ©hanneloreveelaert

image above by Hannelore Veelaert